Building Your Cyber Intelligence Program through Facilitated Online Training

This online course teaches, instructs, guides, and aids students in building a proper cyber intelligence program. We begin from nothing supplying guidance proven through program build campaigns across different verticals and four continents.

We designed the course to guide organizations in their cyber and threat intelligence program builds through online lectures, demonstrations, and templates covering the full intelligence lifecycle at a minimum. After years of teaching intelligence courses and delivering intelligence programs to clients, Treadstone 71 now offers this step-by-step course. We take students through the strategic planning process, goals and objectives creation, stakeholder analysis, adversary targeting, and threat matrices creation, priority intelligence requirements, collection planning, structured analytic technique usage, analysis, maturity assessments, SOP development, threat intelligence platform selection, analytic writing, and dissemination non-inclusively.

The program includes instructional videos tied to content with periodic direct access to Treadstone 71 for client deliverable reviews. We supply templates and examples that you can use, change, or get ideas from. Artifacts specifically designed for past clients. The peer-review process follows a standard cycle including comments, suggestions, recommendations, and examples of previously finished products. Treadstone71 also offers regular ‘professor’ office hours for Q&A as requested in Office Hour Packs.

The program follows proven methods established over the years while creating intelligence programs. Clients move at a regular pace that corresponds with their internal schedules that Treadstone 71 helps to set up with the client.

We offer the program in different definitive sections to give students time to work artifacts, ideas, and the program with their stakeholders. The program also offers the standard Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Certification training as an add-on.

Brief list of topics in the training:
  • Strategic Plan development, acceptance, and dissemination
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Vejledende principper
  • Roller og ansvar
  • Mål og mål
  • køreplan
  • Cyber Intelligence Capability Maturity Model Assessment
  • Standard driftsprocedurer
    • RACI(S)
    • Process flow diagrams
    •  Associated metrics 
    • Peer anmeldelser
  • Intelligence Functions
  • Communications, Responsibilities, Methods
  • Practices and Activities
  • Organizational interfaces
  • SOC and IR
  • Other intelligence groups
  • CISO/CSO and CIO
  • C-suite
  • Department leadership
  • Eksterne grupper
    • Leverandører
  • Cyber Intelligence Lifecycle definition
  • Interessentanalyse
  • Samlingsplanlægning
  • produktion
  • Structured analytic techniques
  • Analyse
  • Analytisk skrivning
  • Reporting and Briefing
  • Formidling
  • Intelligence Information Sharing
    •                Enterprise objectives
    •                Interessegrupper
    •                Your internal ISAC
  • Trusselsefterretningsplatforme
    •                RFP and Selection process
    •                Modning
    •                Vendor data feeds
  • Uddannelse og vidensoverførsel

Clients subscribing to the program create program content undergoing Treadstone 71 review prior to leadership delivery. The intent is to share our vast ability in cyber intelligence strategies to aid organizations in the prompt building of their programs.  

We see this model as an effective and efficient way to extend our knowledge, share our standards-based program information while setting up an industry model rooted in intelligence community tradecraft.

That tradecraft follows the International Association for Intelligence Education Standards for Intelligence Analyst Initial Training, intelligence community directives (ICDs), content from the Sherman Kent School for Intelligence Analysis and Mercyhurst University as well as 30+ years of boots on the ground experience. We also incorporate the NICE Framework as our courses are offered via US Government portals.

Building and Enhancing Your CTI Program with Strategic Intelligence Analysis - Online

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